Tsantali Organic Cabernet Sauvignon one of the “7 Great Greek Wines for Dark Times” by VINSPIRE UK

“…wouldn’t it be lovely if we all went out of our way to buy a bottle or two of Greek wine over the next couple of weeks? Not because we have delusions of being heroes to the Greek economy, but to show our brilliant Greek wine-loving friends we’re thinking of them.. AND, for goodness sake, because every time I try a new Greek wine I’m ALWAYS glad I did”.

VINSPIRE UK chooses “Seven Great Greek wines for dark times” available in UK Market and our Tsantali Organic Cabernet Sauvignon (WAITROSE) makes it on the list. “Oh look! A grape variety you’ve definitely already heard of! Now even the unadventurous, stick-with-what-I-know types can enjoy Greek wine. Yes, this is a cabernet sauvignon from Greece, and is has all the firm structure and cassis fruit you’d expect from this most legendary of grape varieties. But it also has this delicious wildness you don’t tend to get from better know cabernet regions, with a lovely earthiness and brilliant intensity of flavour. And you get change out of a tenner! How could you resist.”

Read the article here http://www.vinspireuk.com/2015/07/best-greek-wines-UK.html…

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