Agioritiko ABATON: The new Tsantali brand from the untrodden vineyards of Mount Athos

A new label has been added recently under the ABATON range, complementing the emblematic Tsantali collection.

The new brand is for those wine lovers seeking for wines with exceptional and powerful characteristics. “Agioritiko” means something originated from Agio Oros (Mount Athos), that is one of the most intriguing wines producing areas in Greece and terroir with a rare ecosystem. “Abaton” in Greek means “untrodden”. The term has been linked with the untrodden chamber of the church-the altar. The most well-known “Abaton” in Greece is holy Mount Athos. Abaton signifies the “untrodden” nature of Mount Athos, the spiritual way of life and the purity of the land.

The ABATON brand is offering four labels:

  • Agioritiko ABATON (white) – Athiri 50%, Assyrtiko 50%
  • Agiortiko ABATON (red) – Xinomavro 50%, Grenache 30%, Limnio 20%
  • Agioritiko ABATON GOLD SELECTION (red) – Cabernet Sauvignon 80%, Limnio 20% 
  • Agiortiko ABATON LIASTO (naturally sweet) – Xinomavro 50%, Grenache Rouge 50%

The Tsantali family with the long and remarkable wine tradition, thanks to the insight and instinct of Evangelos Tsantalis, revived some of the unique vineyards in Greece, including the Mount Athos vineyard. 

Tsantali continues to share their stories that are unique to the wine, as the vineyards that produce the grapes and the people who cultivate and tend them are.

The vineyard

The wines from the Athonite region carry the appellation of Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Mount Athos. The delimited area of the zone is located within the administrative boundaries of Athos peninsula, as well as the area of Ouranoupolis in the Stagira Akanthou municipality.  

One of the most outstanding trademarks of the Athonite vineyard is the fact that the land is entirely isolated, cloaked by lush trees and the sea. At the same time, the monastic life dictates profound respect for the environment; the harmonious interaction of traditional farming practices and forestry is linked to the stringent observance of monastic rules over the course of centuries. Therefore, Mount Athos can be defined as the textbook of 100% organic farming.


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