Gianna Balafouti is tasting the new Tsipouro KANENAS

Gianna Balafouti is the most suitable person to travel your mind through a journey full of aromas and flavours, by just describing her taste experience.

She has started her career as a web designer, but in 2009 she decided to make a big change and be occupied with traditional recipes but in a new way, by combining different ingredients which results into brand-new products. Today she teaches Product Development and Cooking concept in Metropolitan College and operates the site metomati.gr.

Gianna tasted the new product of TSANTALI, tsipouro KANENAS from the grape variety Malagousia, combined with the Union of Santorini Cooperatives, Santo Taste spread by PDO Santorini cherry tomatoes and traditional pies from Messinia, called Petoules. Petoules is an easy making by simple ingredients such as water and flour, which are then fried in extra virgin olive oil, a recipe that used to make many years ago with love the women of the region.

What she mentions us is:

Tsipouro KANENAS, even if I usually have a difficulty with tsipouro, is delicate and not  too strong. The spread of the cherry tomatoes has a clear flavour of tomato and the combination of the mastic, the resin from the mastic tree, gives a really lively note.”

For more information about the Petoules pie and the recipe visit the Gianna’s site (Greek only) http://www.metomati.gr

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