Celebrating Life – Harvest 2020

Sometimes any predictions we make can be easily revised due to circumstances. And indeed, this year will be one of the most important for all of us.

Nevertheless, for a strong brand, the story speaks for itself.

2020 marks the completion of many years from the first harvest for each of our vineyards in Northern Greece.

Starting from Maronia, which marked the beginning with its 24th harvest, we move on to Agios Pavlos in Halkidiki where the 44th harvest will take place.

The 37th harvest will take place in Mount Athos vineyard and the 30th harvest in Rapsani. Finally, for our vineyards in Naoussa, 2020 is the year of the 51st harvest.


Let’s explore the life cycle of the vine.



Budburst is the beginning of the life cycle of a vine which starts during the spring.


Shoot and Leaf growth

The vines start then to develop initial shoots and leaves. Leaves are useful tools for vines because they are required for photosynthesis.


Flowering and Fruit set

The buds turn into flowers. The flowers are then fertilized and small green berries form. Good weather is a key factor during this period. Rain during flowering can lead to poor fruit-set, also known as coulure, which can impact the whole quality of the harvest.


Véraison and Ripening

Véraison is when the grapes have finished growing and start to ripen. For black varieties, this is when the color of the grapes turns from green to purple.



When the grapes are fully ripened, it is time for them to be harvested. Depending on the winemaker’s choice and the location of the vineyard, harvest time differs.


Winter dormancy

The canes are all brown, the leaves change their color and fall. This is the beginning of the dormancy. During this phase, the vine survives based on carbohydrates reserves stored during the previous growing season in permanent wood structures, such as roots, trunks, and cordons.


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