New Agioritiko ABATON: The landmark wine range from Mount Athos

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Agioritiko Abaton Gold Selection

Cabernet Sauvignon 80%, Limnio 20% Organic

Agioritiko Abaton red

Xinomavro 50%, Grenache 30%, Limnio 20%

Agioritiko Abaton white

Athiri 50%, Assyrtiko 50%

Agioritiko Abaton Liasto

Naturally sweet wine from sundried Xinomavro (50%), Grenache rouge (50%)


Agioritiko ABATON presentation

“Abaton” in Greek means “untrodden”. The term has been linked with the untrodden chamber of the church-the altar. The most well-known “Abaton” in Greece is holy Mount Athos. Abaton signifies the “untrodden” nature of Mount Athos, the spiritual way of life and the purity of the land. “Agioritiko” means something originated from Agio Oros (Mount Athos). It has nothing to do with the variety of Agiorgitiko (Saint George).

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