Ouzo Tsantali and food: a ritual

Ouzo can accompany a tantalizing array of appetizers -“meze” in Greek. The most obvious pairing is with seafood dishes like grilled octopus, sardines, shrimps, panfried calamari, shellfish; in other words what we all dream about when we think of summer holidays in a Greek island.

More great pairing ideas may be fresh tomato with coarse salt, cucumber with coarse salt and vinegar, black olives, sea fennel, spicy peppers, flavorful and spicy cheeses like “ladotyri”, panfried feta cheese, panfried meat balls, tomato balls, zucchini balls, traditional Greek salads like eggplant salad, “taramosalata”, spicy cheese salad, spicy sausage, pastirma etc.

Ouzo can be used in cooking as well. You may add it to:

  • Flambé dishes with sautéd shrimp, prawns, or crawfish with vegetables.
  • Marinades for grilled shellfish or meats (add a couple of tablespoons).
  • Vinaigrette dressings (add a tablespoon).
  • Sauté onions for use in pitas, salads, or as a side dish with meats.
  • Recipes calling for fennel or fennelseed.
  • Add light leavening and crispness in crust recipes.

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