Agioritikos white


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APPELLATION: Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) Mount Athos

TYPE: White dry wine

VARIETAL COMPOSITION: Assyrtiko, Athiri & Roditis

Someone or something that originates from Mount Athos” (Agion Oros in Greek): that is the definition of the name “AGIORITIKOS” {ah-yior-hee-tee-kos} and has nothing to do with the name of the indigenous red grape AgiorGitiko.

A name honorary given by Evangelos Tsantalis as the introduction of this wine had a purpose: to introduce to the Greek wine market the concept of “origin”, the value of the homeland of the wine, the importance of the vineyard. Evangelos Tsantalis’ commitment to that goal was rewarded in 1981 when “Agioritikos was recognized as the first Regional Wine of Greece.

Today AGIORITIKOS white wine, in a new packaging, is available only at SAQ Canada.

Mount Athos crest line new

Tasting Note

A lemon-green in color wine with moderate intensity. On the nose aromas of citrus zest with notes of grass and ginger. On the palate dry, with crisp acidity that gives freshness, which -combined with the juicy fruit- leads to a pleasant, intense finish.


    The grapes are hand harvested in the cool of the morning and gently de-stemmed into stainless steel tanks (purity of fruit expression). Classic white vinification. No oak.

  • 2020 Vintage 

    ABV (alc by vol) pH TA (gr/lt) RS
    12.6 3.22 4.91 2.2


    2019 Vintage 

    ABV (alc by vol) pH TA (gr/lt) RS
    12.7 3.07 4.87 2.2


    2017 Vintage 

    ABV (alc by vol) pH TA (gr/lt) RS
    12.55 3.11 4.9 2.2

Mount Athos crest line new


Mount Athos crest line new

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Date: March 08, 2018
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