Rapsani Wine Adventure

It is all about experience

Rapsani Mount Olympus is not just another wine region. The birthplace of the homonymous PDO wine combines the unique vitiviniculture traditions of a long-line of local vine growers with intriguing wines and a seductive storytelling. Nestled in the slopes of the Home of the Olympian Gods, the highest mountain in Greece, Rapsani is the perfect destination for an adventurous wine enthusiast.

It was in 2013 when the TSANTALI team introduced the concept of “RAPSANI WINE ADVENTURE” aiming at exploiting the stunning location of the Rapsani vineyards, the topogaphy of Mount Olympus and the very special viticulture practices of the region.

For this new approach that goes beyond the standard vineyard tours and wine tastings, every detail had to be carefully planned in order to offer an amazing experiential discovery of this distinctive PDO zone of Greece. Convertible sportscars provide the best “adventurous” means of transportation, springing the participants into action. Moving onwards and upwards from 200 to 750 meters of altitude, wondrous sites keep revealing while the participants get to understand the assets that make Rapsani so distinctive: small vine parcels scattered in three zones, different altitude and conditions, different viticulture methods, yet always the same three grapes of Xinomavro, Krassato and Stavroto.

The pilot RAPSANI WINE ADVENTURE program was launched to a group of American and Canadian wine writers and sommeliers; the feedback exceeded our expectations. Since then, wine enthusiasts, wine clubs and guests from all over the world book a seat for this adventure every year. 

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"What’s the most adventurous thing that you’ve ever done as a wine lover? Maybe you’ve bought a strange, totally obscure bottle of wine? Maybe you chose to drink wine among a group of fanatic beer drinkers? Well, until you’ve been on a 4×4 safari deep in the vineyards, on the steep slopes of holy Mount Olympus, you won’t really have a benchmark on what a true wine adventure is…"

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Andrew Barrow / SPITOON

"I could have spent all day roaming the mountain, taking in the views, waiting for the light for a perfect photo and sipping on the wines. As it was I did loose myself for a few minutes amongst the vines, vibrantly green in their flush of spring youthfulness. Camera around the neck, branded glass in one hand and the bottle of the Rapsani Reserve in the other".

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Keith Edwards / WINE - MISE EN ABYME

"This had been a fantastic experience whose conception was genius and the execution of which was flawless. The story of the region is captivating in and of itself but to tell it within that setting is absolutely brilliant. I have taken vineyard tours before. I have pursued the big five on safari in Masai Mara. And I have conversed with viticulturists while drinking wine in their vineyards. But never before have I experienced all three effects simultaneously".

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Markus Stolz / ELLOINOS

"Tsantali managed to develop a strong brand name for Rapsani in the export markets... Efforts to further raise the reputation of Rapsani are being constantly expanded. The ‘Rapsani Wine Adventure’, which raises wine tourism to a new level..."

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Steve Slatcher / WINENOUS

"It was a long day, finishing well past midnight, but I had experienced a lot. And I had learned a lot about Rapsani, from the history and vineyards, all the way through to enjoying the magnums of mature Rapsani Reserve with good food. I felt I had begun to get under the skin of Rapsani".

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