Rapsani Mount Olympus

The wines

One of the most acclaimed Greek wine brands worldwide imprinting a fascinating terroir.

Rapsani vineyard

Discovering Rapsani from the ground up. All the unique components that shape this amazing terroir.

Rapsani PDO zone

One of the oldest PDO regions in Greece.


The nectar of the Olympian Gods in time.

Track Rapsani location

39.9000° N, 22.5500° E Rapsani, Coordinates

Rapsani Wine Museum

A must-visit. A seductive journey in time exploring the unique traditions of local vine growers. A great selection of tools and photos dated back to 1900s. Book your visit rapsanilibrary@yahoo.gr

Olympus Marathon

Running with the Olympian gods. The route revives the pilgrimage of ancient Greeks to Mount Olympus, where they ascended every year to honour and sacrifice to Zeus. DATE FOR 2018 EVENT SOON TO BE CONFIRMED

Rapsani Wine Adventure

Beyond standard tours and wine tastings. Discovering the true soul of Rapsani region through an adventurous Mt Olympus ascent. Passing through stunning surroundings. Reviving seductive myths. Exploring unique traditions

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