Halkidiki vineyard

Today, the wines that carry the appellation of PGI Halkidiki may come from the whole peninsula. It is a smaller appellation within the region of Macedonia and itself embodies a few even smaller ones like PGI Mount Athos.

The meridional aspect of the vineyards, the ground relief and the neighboring with the sea, form a typical Mediterranean climate that is characterized by mild winters and cool summers, maintaining a wide range of temperature. The vines are planted on the slopes of continuing small hills and benefit from the clay-sand soil. The coastal vineyards face mild winters and long, hot summers, with high sunlight during the growth and maturation of the vines. Those factors constitute a great base for the grape growing, leading to the total maturation and enhancing the aromas of the wines that are produced, contributing to the balance of the flavour character.

The main characteristics of the conditions met in our privately-owned vineyard are:

Location: Agios Pavlos Halkidiki

Total area: 14.5 proprietary hectares

Vicinity to the sea

Climate: Typical Mediterranean

Soil: sandy clay


Average minimum and maximum temperature over the year

Average monthly rainy days over the year

As we can see in the graphs above, in Halkidiki during July until September there is a remarkable difference during the day, that can even reach a difference of 13˚  C between morning and night. This beneficial circumstance helps a lot the phenological maturation of the grapes and keeps the acidity of the white grape varieties in high levels.

Also, in the critical months of summer, low levels of rainfall are recorded and that helps to avoid any stressing of the vines, because of the high temperatures.


Grape Varieties:

White: Assyrtiko, Athiri, Muscat of Alexandria and Sauvignon blanc

Red: Xinomavro, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot






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