The history

Halkidiki, the magic trilogy of sun, sea and flora. The land of beauty and diversity that can not do nothing else but impress. The never-ending combinations of colors appear on the horizon behind the mountains, the colors of the wild species of flowers in the valleys, the sunset that falls down to the exotic beaches with the white sand. This energy have an impact and on our vineyards. The grapes are surrounded by the sunlight, the sea breeze and the spirit of freedom. Wines that distinguish for their natural character.

From the ancient years the vineyards of Halkidiki were famous for their excellent quality of the wine that was produced. In every corner, the ancient monuments and the place names, remind us the historical route of the region through the times. Olinthos, Akanthos, Afytos, Potidea, regions where our vineyards are placed, were powerful ancient towns. Nearby those regions is the region Stagira. The town where Aristotle was born; there the great philosopher lived and used to teach. Aristotle was also the teacher of Alexander the Great; he wrote about 400 records, all full of his intelligence and his multiple aspect way of thinking. At this point he had planted the first experimental vine. Ancient Greeks had figured out that there is alcohol in the wine, because of the existence of a flammable substance.


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