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Mount Athos

Because of the special status of the monastic community of Mount Athos, the Mount Athos Vineyards at the Metoxi of Chromitsa are only open to male visitors, after consultation with Tsantali Vineyards, Wineries and Distilleries, as well as the Holy Superintendence of Mount Athos. Please call the Public Relations Department (++ 30 23990 76 100).



Access to most of the vineyards, hanging as they are from the slopes of Mount Olympus, is only possible via dirt roads. The views from some of these are fantastic, as one can have a bird’s eye view from above towards the Tembi valley, the Aegean, Halkidiki and – if they are lucky – even the tip of Mount Athos.

To visit the vineyards and the winery please get in touch with the Public Relations Department (+30 23990 76100). The visitor will have the chance to see a photo exhibition about vineyard work around the seasons, commented in a poetic manner by the agriculturist-litterateur Konstantinos Kousoulas. One can also admire the 12 stone wine maturation arches with Rapsani wines of various vintages and be guided around the room with the old bottling line.


Maronia – visit

The vineyards extend across southwest locations of the low hills of Maronia, giving the impression of a gigantic amphitheatre that overlooks the Aegean. From the North, the vineyards are sheltered by the mountain range of Rodopi. The best view of the vineyards can be had from the balcony of the traditional wine tasting visitor centre at Maronia.

You can combine the vineyard visit with a walk through the archaeological site of Maronia, where you can admire among other things the ancient theatre of Dionysus. On the way to the peaks of Ismaros, you can discover the ancient “linoi” (wine presses), chiselled from the rocks of the mountain.

To arrange a vineyard visit, please call the Public Relations Department (tel. ++ 30 23990 76 100).

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